What is an Asbestos Testing Laboratory?

Asbestos Testing Laboratory by EMSL Analytical

An asbestos testing laboratory is a facility that specializes in analyzing asbestos materials to ensure asbestos-containing material is safe and compliant with various city, state and other industry standards.

Aside from the liability issue, one of the biggest reasons for asbestos testing lies in public safety. Proper asbestos testing will allow you to avoid inhaling dangerous particles such as asbestos fibers – which can cause harmful diseases, including mesothelioma cancer, asbestosis and other illnesses linked to asbestos exposure.

If an individual or business has old buildings or uses certain products that may contain this toxic substance, it’s critical they employ a qualified lab for a thorough examination of any exposed areas before doing anything else. This includes removing any remaining materials from floors or ceilings during renovation projects, replacing asbestos-containing tiles on bathroom or kitchen floors and using asbestos-free supplies when preparing for any possible future projects.

There are many asbestos testing laboratories across the country that can help you find the answers you need about asbestos-related concerns in your home or office, but there are none greater than the Asbestos Testing Laboratories by EMSL Analytical. The high quality asbestos testing laboratory by EMSL is be able to conduct all necessary tests with great accuracy. This means more peace of mind for you, as asbestos can cause disease years after exposure occurs.

Our asbestos testing laboratories provide asbestos testing services to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the facility, prevent asbestos dust from contaminating the air outside and avoid legal issues with members of the public or customers if asbestos is found in certain areas. We also play a huge role in asbestos abatement and asbestos removal efforts and asbestos training for workers who work with asbestos on a regular basis.

Asbestos testing techniques can vary depending on the material, but most asbestos testing laboratories employ swab or air-based analysis to determine if materials contain asbestos particles. If the lab determines that asbestos is present, asbestos abatement professionals are brought in to remove the asbestos. Air quality testing can also be conducted at these facilities, which is critical because asbestos fibers may not even be detectable by the human eye.

Asbestos testing laboratories are also sometimes known as asbestos inspections or asbestos analysis centers. These facilities perform analysis on building materials, soil samples and many other asbestos-related products to ensure they are asbestos-free.

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