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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is the name of a group of highly fibrous minerals with separable, long, and thin fibers. Separated asbestos fibers are strong enough and flexible enough to be spun and woven. Asbestos fibers are heat resistant, making them useful for many industrial purposes.

Asbestos has been used commonly in a variety of building construction materials for insulation and as a fire-retardant. Because asbestos fibers are resistant to heat and most chemicals, they have been mined for use in over 3,000 different products, including roofing materials, brake pads, and cement pipe often used in distributing water to communities. Today, asbestos is most commonly found in older homes, in pipe and furnace insulation materials, asbestos shingles, millboard, textured paints and other coating materials, and floor tiles.

Elevated concentrations of airborne asbestos can occur after asbestos-containing materials are disturbed by cutting, sanding or other remodeling activities. Improper attempts to remove these materials can release asbestos fibers into the air in homes, increasing asbestos levels and endangering people living in those homes.

Asbestos can be positively identified only by a trained analyst using a specialized microscope.

Testing For Asbestos

If you fear that materials in your home may contain harmful asbestos fibers, don’t delay. Have your suspect asbestos-containing material tested by our EPA approved, NVLAP accredited asbestos testing laboratory.

Steps for Submitting Your Sample:
Follow the EPA sampling guide instructions, download a sample submission form below, select the turnaround [TAT] that you would like your results, then send your sample[s] along with payment to the laboratory.

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Find Your Local Lab

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If you have suspect materials in your home that you believe may contain asbestos, turn to EMSL’s asbestos testing lab for peace of mind.

Thousands of Americans die each year from asbestos related diseases. Asbestos has been used for years in building materials, paper products, plastics, and other products. Exposure mainly occurs in indoor air where it may be released from these materials. Effects on the lung are a major health concern from asbestos, as chronic [long-term] exposure to asbestos in humans via inhalation can result in lung disease.

Asbestosis is characterized by shortness of breath and cough and may lead to severe impairment of respiratory function. Cancer is also a major concern from asbestos exposure, as inhalation exposure can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma, and possibly gastrointestinal cancers in humans.

The EPA has classified asbestos as Group A, a known human carcinogen.

Asbestos can be positively identified only with a special type of microscope. It is crucial to have materials tested by an accredited asbestos testing lab like EMSL for definitive analysis.

Asbestos Test Kit

Trusted by Inspectors, Property Managers, Building Owners, Real Estate & Environmental Professionals

Test for the Asbestos in Floor Tiles, Flooring, Ceiling Tiles, Spray-on Popcorn Ceilings, Sheetrock & More.

Asbestos Testing Is Simple & Affordable
Enclosed in your Asbestos Test Kit by EMSL Analytical, you will find easy-to-follow instructions on how to submit your materials for asbestos testing. EMSL Analytical, a leading nationwide testing laboratory, uses analytical methods that allows for rapid, inexpensive, and accurate identification of Asbestos.


Trusted by Inspectors, Property Managers, Building Owners, Real Estate and Environmental Professionals
Our test kits offer simple, easy-to-follow instructions that allow both the do-it-yourself or the field professional an added testing service as part of an inspection or prevention strategy. All kits include pre-paid postage and a variety of turnaround options including same-day!

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